Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Small Business in PDX

Since weve started the shop here downtown, Ive had a lot of people (mostly recent transplants) ask me about the small business environment. Many are concerned that neither the state or the business community has a vested interest in the small business environment in Oregon. Luckily this has not been my experience. Since we opened, weve encountered overwhelming support, both from other businesses (like our favorite coffee spot Spella) and from state agencies like the PDC. There are a lot of small business resources here in the northwest, geared toward making your startup successful, and hopefully as we grow we will be able to become part of the community that has helped us take our first steps.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

From the beginning... Portland's friendly bike shop

This week we open our doors to the public... if we were any more excited, we'd be unable to cycle in a straight line!
We are specializing in first time riders, proper fits, and commuter cyclists everywhere. we have an awesome line of bikes from Fuji, clothing from Sheila Moon (awesome for looking good and being comfortable and pearl Izumi, and are a Shimano Direct dealer for all your tune-up and performance needs!